How to use Message Templates

We recently introduced message templates to BattleTac. This feature converts the painful chat system to a really effective communication platform. Here's how it works:

There are 2 template types:

  • Auto-send templates are basic radio procedure words like "Roger.", "Positive." or  "Radio Check.". When you select one, BattleTac sends it immediately. Auto-send templates end with a dot.
  • Building block templates are words or expressions you use regularly during radio communication, e.g. "Action in " or "Get back to ". These templates are meaningful only as part of a sentence. They will be inserted into the message at the position of the cursor so you can continue writing the message.
The most important thing is that you can edit the templates so you can create the ones you really need. To create an auto-send template, simply enter a dot at the end of it. Templates ending with non-dot characters are building block templates, but I suggest you adding a space at the end to allow easy continuing.

Protip: You can create auto-send templates which are also part of a sentence: These will end the sentence and send it immediately. One example can be " minutes." , which - when you create it - makes it easy to enter a message like "Action in 5 minutes." (Where only the number 5 will be entered directly)

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