1.1.0 is out with a lot of usability enhancements

We have focused on enhanced usability and better information display in this release. The new features are:

  • Recon symbol is now available:

  • If your reported position is older than 2 minutes, it will be flagged as 'anticipated' and displayed with a dashed corner according to Mil Std 2525A/APP-6A:

  • If you have a destination, it's distance and direction is also displayed. The direction is displayed both with an 1-2 letter mark and in degrees.

  • The POI and unit pages are more readable, the direction info is also included:
  • If creating a poi or sending a message fails because of network outage, the system tries the communication again later. It tries again and again for a while before it gives up. If sending a message is not possible for 10 minutes then the message i deprecated anyway so it's OK to give up - we think.
  • (Full version only): It is possible now to set the location update frequency to 1 minute. The default setting is 30 seconds but we recommend setting this to a higher value to save battery time. 

This new version is available in the Android Play Store, and it is on the way to the App Store too - we have to wait about 5 days for Apple to review it.

Try out this and give us feedback on our new Facebook page!

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