Heads Up Display in version 1.3.0!

Check out version 1.3.0, it is available on both iOS and Android! We have implemented the HUD which was the most required feature in our recent feature poll.

We have designed the HUD to be usable and battery-friendly, that's why it doesn't use the device camera. (read more)

It contains a logarithmic scale to measure the distance and a compass display. If there is space available under the HUD, the map is also displayed.

On Android you can switch the HUD on/off using the back button, on iOS you have to use the menu.

Please note that the HUD needs accurate compass and location to work correctly! We have found during the tests that some devices have very inaccurate compass. BattleTac tries to figure out the compass accuracy and report if it is bad, but it is sometimes not possible. You can play with the compass using special compass apps to figure out its accuracy. Although there is room to further development in our app, the accuracy depends mainly on the hardware. If you have a quality phone (like an iPhone) and no hardware problems, it will work correctly.

Mount your phone on the gun or your arm and have a nice time with BattleTac!